Monthly Archives: January 2011


I had to leave London early and rerouted to Miami via New York for a last minute conference. The news reported all airports in NY closed and there were no private drivers brave enough to risk the buried highways. I convinced a taxi driver to take a chance with the help of a fistful of cash.  There was carnage and buried cars along the empty highway all the way to Newark.  My flight was the only one to leave NY to Miami that day.


It all turns to color

Shattered from the sleepless nights and bloodsucking of Paris and Milan shows, I crawl on hands and knees to Gare du Nord and escape to London to see best friend Lady Harrington. She is one of the most incredible women I know and I always feel better with her in my company.

My heart cut out in Paris

After a few drinks I feel like I can fly…

End of Fashion Week in Paris, Angels and Demons Party

Demons only allowed

The Angels and Demons Party in Paris, Grayson, Dylan, Adrian C

Fashion is so cool I sometimes convince myself I can lift a car

Paris outside Le Grand Colbert

Hotel in Paris, tying shoe.