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Madison Square Gaga

Feb 22, 2011

Fashion Week finally over. Nothing better to let your hair down than a mega show when Gaga rolls into town. Prepare yellow wig and platforms.


NYFW fw 11: more than just the average L.A.M.B.

Gwen glowing

I am so impressed with Gwen Stefani.  Her collection was incredible, very much an individual fashion statement with just the right signature of her music influences. While most celebrity turned designers hire a designer and simply consult on what they like, I hear Gwen does everything. She is simply radiant.   NYFW

The Last Magazine party

All parties need cool girls

The Last Magazine parties are always the coolest. Never fail dance-a-palooza. Highlights: Elisa Sednaoui, fight almost breaking out at photo booth for drunk partygoers taking too long, free Last mags and an always chipper and adorably dimpled Kirsten Dunst.

Dempsey meets the Veronicas

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This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When I told Dempsey that The Veronicas were in town and that I was taking them to shows she squealed with delight. She told me that her and her 10 yr old sister love them and dance around the house to their songs. I arranged for her to stop by at the same time that the girls were at the Agency for a meeting. I literally thought she was going to burst into flames from excitement.

The Veronicas invade NYFW

Twin rockers and incredibly talented performers the Veronica’s Lisa and Jess Origliasso stopped by New York for Fashion Week for a couple days. I took the girls to see a couple selective shows, including the enchantedly gifted Anna Sui and Gwen Stefan’s L.A.M.B. If you have never seen the Veronicas perform do yourself a favor. They are mind blowing.  Working on new album now.


Paparrazzi welcome at L.A.M.B.

I'm usually pretty good at getting out of the way for the press shots but here I got caught in the crossfire. The girls looking cool as always.

Catching up with Anna Sui

NYFW fw 11, Dempsey @ Marc by Marc

Running to next casting with Miguel

Backstage at MbM

Pre-show rehearsal for MbM

Dempsey is one of my extraordinary finds and the 2nd of 2 girls I scouted to be here for this Fashion Week.  Its her magical energy that draws people to her. She’s from Tasmania which I think is the coolest thing ever. Well, she killed it. Here she is at Marc by Marc.


NYFW fw 11, MJ @ Rodarte

One of the most extraordinary moments is watching one of your finds make it to New York and do their first big job.  We had the entire family in tow for Rodarte and I have to say I may have got a little misty. I still do after all of these years.



Walking for Fashion Royalty



1st paparazzi