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Save our Girls

Franca Sozzani’s petition against Anorexia is an important one. It frustrates me when the world ostracizes the models for being so skinny when the business demands it so forcing the kids to acquiesce to it. A young girl has enough pressure just trying to act like an adult in a sea of Fashion predators, much less not having the security developed within herself yet to define her own beauty and be confidence to express it. Agreed, part of the importance of modeling is fitting the clothes and as an agent I truly appreciate a beautiful fashion frame. I’m not saying that “junk in the trunk” should become runway savvy. I worship the linear lines of a fashion body and Im the first one to fight to keep it. But while many Fashionistas cry foul with their fists in the air against Anorexia, few do anything about it. It becomes press worthy momentarily like one of our beloved trends then designers continue to design size 0 dresses. We need larger players like Franca to begin to police them, but we need more.  As an agent I demand from the models the ability to focus, innovate and excite their role in assembling their greater persona. But how can you do that when your stomach is growling and your brain isn’t properly nourished? If I’m asked to finesse a 40 page licensing contract on an empty stomach, one of 2 things is going to happen, I’m going to leave the model unprotected somewhere in those pages or I’ll end up with my fist thru a wall.


The New Boys of the Season


#1 Know Your Angles

First tip to being an extraordinary model. Know your angles.

“I once had a model who told me, “I must have a great profile because no one wants to shoot me looking straight ahead.” What can I say? It speaks for itself.  You know that part in the movie when the character says “did you get my good side?” Know your best side. Know what side your nose looks bigger or less refined. Know what side your jawline is more defined. How do you figure this out? It’s called a mirror. Look into it. All the time.  What angles do photographers love on you.  Watch the photographers that you shoot with and look for patterns on when they are pushing that shutter button. Listen for the clicks. If over time you consistently hear that click every time you tilt slightly left and down, that’s a great angle for you. You may have one side of your face where your smile is crooked or where one eye slightly closes. Look at your didgies that the photographer or your agent takes.  Ask to look at the film of your test shoots and ask for constructive criticism from your agent. KNOW YOUR ANGLES. It is  “Zoolander”  I know and I especially know this is one of the things that male models feel the most uncomfortable about modeling but this is business which will inevitably determine your bank account. Know your “go to” angles and “money” looks. If you’re not sure how well a shoot is going, resort to them.

The blossom of spring

Versace SS 11 by Testino

Im very much a visual person stimulated by imagery. You always know when spring campaigns arrive because the magazines are stacked with pages of vibrant color from the new campaigns. This season in particular boasts a plethora of kaleidoscopic colors including Stella McCartney, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo, Dior. I love the use of blue in this Versace ad.

How will you compete?

Shows are over and school is now in session.  Campaign season is always on the heels of shows so this is the time to become better. How will you compete against the hundreds of other models vying for the coveted fashion campaigns? How will you compete against the models you see in the magazines, in Calvin Klein, in Gucci, Daria, Kate, Carmen, Sasha, Gabriel, Simon, Noah? Will your looks be good enough?

Now I’m not going to patronize you by proclaiming I’m the foremost expert or the “number 1 agent” whatever that means. I know  what Im doing and I do it well. I know that I make a difference to my talent as an Agent. And I’m going to share  my knowledge with you so you can be tremendous.

10 tips to becoming an extraordinary model.  Guaranteed next level.  Let me make myself clear these are not easy instantaneous adjustments to be made over night like eat right, work out, be on time, work that runway…that’s 101 crap for all of the so called experts that are writing their hack book to be sold on Amazon. This is New York City. I’m on the front lines.

My purpose is for you to think deeper about your approach to modeling.  It’s like an acting class. They are transformational overtures that if done correctly will change your attitude on how you model and transcend you to be a true conduit to extraordinary work. As Jerry McGuire said its not just about the money its about the “coin”(kwan).

Sadly Ive noticed the majority of working models don’t even practice this and many of the great ones don’t even know how to define these weapons as their own. They just do them.  It is recognizing these subconscious talents in great models for the 16 years I have been an agent and it’s now time for me to pay that knowledge forward. I’m going to try my best to give one per week so keep tuning in kids.

That was exhausting. Let me collect my thoughts and we will start soon.