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Don’t Mess with Texas

I love Dallas for 2 things, great models and Mexican food. They grow their models tall in Texas and there’s heaps of them pouring in from all around the lonestar state. The Texans love their flair so you always get a little bonus with them arriving with their snazzy outfits and sparkly accessories.  I’m a Californian and California has phenomenal mexican food. Texas has insane Mexican food. In the civil war-like Texas rivalry which is Pappacitos vs Chuys I always make Chuys a tradition ordering the “la comida deluxe” with a pillow and comforter chaser. I dream about that dish.This trip just happened to be the same time as game 3 of the Mavs-Lakers NBA playoff game so coupling with the fact that one of my models Colin Branca was in town shooting and me winning tix to the game on ebay we rolled hard with extra large foam finger in hand to watch a raucous cowboy mob cheer on their team to a buzzer beater and ultimately back breaking win over the Lakers.  Models, some potential but no one ready now. My best find was in the hyatt fitness center, a young 15 year old not in the competition. I hope her mom calls.

For casting assessment


Mavs-Lakers pix


Glowsticks required

When Kylie Minogue rolls into town it’s usually with her long time boyfriend and our beloved Wilhelmina model/fashion obsession Andres Velencoso. Papi hooked us up with private balcony seats for a crystal view of the show, hovering atop a sea of fashion queens smushed and pushed up inside the Hammerstein Ballroom for ferocious laser beam-video drone=creatine pumped rave-a-palooza. Grown men burst into flames when Queen of Dynasty Joan Collins arrived in balcony above us. This tour should be sponsored by the Shamwow to mop up the buckets of sweat from the colossal Ibiza-like dance party.