The Good, the Bad & the Beautiful

How to be an extraordinary model:

You have to remember the Fashion industry is run by extraordinary artists and it is very much an art. These visionaries are looking for inspiration in hopes that their work will be talked about forever. It comes down to inspiration. I ask and challenge you, How will you get chosen? What are you going to do to be remembered? What will you do to be different than the rest? How will you inspire?

People ask me all of the time what they can do to be better? That is a difficult question in modeling. If you’re out of shape, get in shape. If you can’t walk, PRACTICE. Every Goddamn day.  Live in your heels. To the bathroom, to the grocery story, to the beach.

But there are often things that are not up to you.  If youre too short, grow? If youre a hunchback, stand up straight? If you don’t have the look?  Sometimes you don’t have what it takes to be a model. We don’t all have it.

But for those out there that are chasing the dream and for those of you whether you are a model, actor, singer whatever, I can offer you this.  Know yourself.  Be comfortable with yourself. Be confident in yourself.  If you can achieve this and be happy then you don’t need to wear the right clothes.  You don’t need to nail that monologue. You don’t need to say the right things or walk that runway perfectly.  Your essence will shine through on its own, and that confident energy and feeling of certainty that you are one with yourself will take over and we will get you.  That is what we are looking for to understand who you are. You see I not only want you to be a great model but a great person.  And if you believe in yourself first and know you are doing this for you and no one else then rejection is disarmed.

Att the end of the day I will judge you on what you have to offer the business as a model. But ultimately you judge yourself as a person. Have you tried your best?  Have you reached your personal goals? Have you learned? In this section I will offer you my knowledge as an agent on the surefire ways to succeed and if you dare how to be an extraordinary model.

So either way here is your chance to grow. So grow.


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