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There’s way too many fabulous people at this dinner table

Venus, Nicole Miller, Nick Von K, Heather Graham

Nicole welcomed super talented Kiwi jewelry architect Nick Von K to new york with a New York welcome  pulling out the stops with a 40 person table at Indochine. Sitting him in between Heather Graham and Karen Duffy ensured a constant smile on his face. But it wasn’t until Zach Braff demonstrated his best runway down the length of the restaurant to us that the party hit its stride, followed by one of the legendary palm trees going down to the gasp of the room. Bloggers typing furiously. 8 glasses of wine later Nicole told me we were filming for her new webisodes soon to be a Bravo show. Thanks Nicole. Welcome to New York Nick.


Rebel yell

I gets terrifyingly serious at the office. Sometimes to the point where the models are afraid to say hi. When I can I’ll try to take the time to get to know them and take them out for dinner or a night out.  I’ve always been inspired by album covers so when you get a group of guys out on Mexican night at my favorite “Festival Mexicana” and after to the usual watering hole “The National Underground” for some Johnny Cash music, there’s bound to be some legendary moments made for film.

The Last Magazine party

All parties need cool girls

The Last Magazine parties are always the coolest. Never fail dance-a-palooza. Highlights: Elisa Sednaoui, fight almost breaking out at photo booth for drunk partygoers taking too long, free Last mags and an always chipper and adorably dimpled Kirsten Dunst.

After a few drinks I feel like I can fly…

End of Fashion Week in Paris, Angels and Demons Party

You don’t have to be hip to be cool

Fendi Party in Milan was the wildest party this season.

Milan: Penthouses always make good parties

Me with Johannes Huebl and Garrett Neff. The former word of mouth “unofficial” Details magazine party at the Penthouse of the Principe no longer a secret.  This season came with door mob scene, bathtubs of beer and a naked guy in the shower.  Sadly no tv’s thrown out the window.

Aussie Aussie Aussie…

My Australian finds, Mason and Mitchell at Florence and the Machine/All Saints party