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Save our Girls

Franca Sozzani’s petition against Anorexia is an important one. It frustrates me when the world ostracizes the models for being so skinny when the business demands it so forcing the kids to acquiesce to it. A young girl has enough pressure just trying to act like an adult in a sea of Fashion predators, much less not having the security developed within herself yet to define her own beauty and be confidence to express it. Agreed, part of the importance of modeling is fitting the clothes and as an agent I truly appreciate a beautiful fashion frame. I’m not saying that “junk in the trunk” should become runway savvy. I worship the linear lines of a fashion body and Im the first one to fight to keep it. But while many Fashionistas cry foul with their fists in the air against Anorexia, few do anything about it. It becomes press worthy momentarily like one of our beloved trends then designers continue to design size 0 dresses. We need larger players like Franca to begin to police them, but we need more.  As an agent I demand from the models the ability to focus, innovate and excite their role in assembling their greater persona. But how can you do that when your stomach is growling and your brain isn’t properly nourished? If I’m asked to finesse a 40 page licensing contract on an empty stomach, one of 2 things is going to happen, I’m going to leave the model unprotected somewhere in those pages or I’ll end up with my fist thru a wall.


Madison Square Gaga

Feb 22, 2011

Fashion Week finally over. Nothing better to let your hair down than a mega show when Gaga rolls into town. Prepare yellow wig and platforms.

NYFW fw 11: Spurr

Tomek and Clement smoking outside Spurr

Simon is one of the most talented young designers out there and a good friend. I’ve been an agent for a long time but being a regular t shirt and jeans guy I can’t say Im particularly loyal to a designer brand that I wear consistently. Well I wear Spurr, period.

Simon getting interviewed backstage

I remember when he used to do these rinky dink presentations and now Anna Wintour  and Jim Moore religiously hold court each season to witness his newest designs.


MJ arrives NY for Fashion Week

MJ transformed. The incredible talent of Roman Young grooming his girls for success.

Demons only allowed

The Angels and Demons Party in Paris, Grayson, Dylan, Adrian C

Hotel in Paris, tying shoe.

Happy New Year

January 3rd, 2011.  First day back to work after holidays. On my way to the office I came upon spilled milk. Lets not make the same mistakes we made last year.