The Model Bouncer

“Be a model or get bounced” If you could only see the ridiculous submissions I get daily of people that think they can be models.  I get hundreds a month. The pictures they often send are priceless. And getting an appt with me is like getting an appointment with Donald Trump. Well maybe Ivanka (Anyways, it’s hard). Bottom line.  Some of these kids need a reality check. Here’s your chance to get a few seconds of my time and my opinion. I am volunteering my services to be the Model Police and stop this fashion heresy.  This is called the Model Bouncer. Rules are simple.

Kids, send in your photo (s). No more than 3, along with basic info on yourself (Name, phone number, email address, height, age). I will select ones at random to review but by sending in your photo you accept that the picture and my comments will be posted publicly, as well as comments of others in the community. Jeer for the delusionals, the bullies, the overblown egos, the Jersey Shore. And cheer for the underdogs,  the ugly duckling turned swan as I wave my magic wand and claim thee model or no model. Warning: if you choose to enter the arena of gladiators, expect carnage. There will be blood.





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